Providing Early Childhood services and individuals with heuristic play resources which support creative thinking and exploration

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With a number of heuristic play items in each standard sized crate, we aim to provide a large variety of resources with a range of properties, shapes, weights, sizes and textures. Opportunities for children to engage with these items in more ways than we can imagine, is the signature feature we strive to consistently provide here at CRATE WONDER. The possibilities are endless - this is what it is all about.

Our crates are compiled of a mixture of new, and recycled resources sourced 2nd hand from all over New Zealand. We take a great deal of thought and care sourcing items so we can bring them together and create meaningful sets of play materials for children. Along with our crates, we also have smaller compilations of popular heuristic play resources, bulk lots of wooden resources, and 'one-offs', which are created using combinations of items from 2nd hand shops and/or the natural world. 
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Inviting spaces
Here at CRATE WONDER, we share the passion of many teachers in creating spaces in our environments which are well thought out and inviting for children. Check out our gallery for some of the ideas we have about how heuristic play resources can be presented for children in ways that might foster their will to engage.
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